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Information Desk

The information desk in the foyer has staff before and after all the services on a Sunday. Volunteers are available to answer your questions and queries about the church and to take messages to the Church staff.






Welcome Desk
The welcome desk in the foyer is a point of contact for all folk and visitors who wish to connect with someone from the church. We value all who are seeking Christ and to join a church in which to develop their relationship with Christ. We would like to meet you.








This is usually held:

Every first Sunday of the month at the 06h45, 08h00, 09h30 and 18h30 services








Devotional Calendar

A monthly devotional calendar is available. It is an aid for your quiet time and is available from the information stand in the foyer of the church.



Garden of Remembrance

The garden of Remembrance provides a serene, final resting place for our loved ones. A private garden where loved one’s ashes can be placed along with a remembrance plaque, or simply a way to remember those dear to us by means of a plaque on the wall of Remembrance. This service is available to all members and non-members of the Church. There is a fee involved and costs of the inscription depend on the number of words required. Short Contact Violet Botha 011 869 9284.


Various opportunities exist for our response to God through giving:

Weekly planned Giving envelopes

Monthly dedicated Giving envelopes

Building Fund envelopes

Amcare monthly pledge envelopes

Should you require to be supplied with envelopes, please contact the church office.

If you should prefer to give through Internet Banking our banking details are as follows:

Methodist Church Alberton Society – Ac No. 020645600
Standard Bank Alberton – Code 012342
Please supply a reference when giving in this way.





Prayer Service

Prayer meetings are held in the Chapel on Monday evenings at 18:30 and on Friday mornings at 05:30.







The church encourages folk to help preserve the earth through recycling of paper, glass, tins and cans. Paper and glass / tin banks are located at the north-east gate of the church property.







Weddings must be booked through the Church office. Couples will need to attend our Marriage Preparation Course and a pre-wedding rehearsal/meeting.Costs may be obtained from the Church office.