Cell Groups (Read more and find a small group near you!)

Cell groups are small groups of church members who meet on regular weekly basis. Most cells meet in homes with a few running from the church. There are both morning and evening groups. Cells are run by various church members and serve to help individuals find support, encouragement and fellowship within a warm environment. The cell starts with an ice-breaker followed by a time of prayer and worship, a brief report back on the sermons of the previous Sunday and then a discussion time around questions pertaining to the sermon topic.

Men’s Fellowship

Breakfasts are organised once a month to encourage fellowship amongst the men. Speakers are chosen for their motivational or inspirational abilities.

Women’s Auxiliary

There are two auxiliaries. The morning group meets every 1st Wednesday morning of the month and the afternoon group meets 2nd Saturday of the month. This is a women’s group meeting for fellowship, growth and service. The motto of the W.A. is “To know Christ and make Him known.” All ladies are welcome to attend.

Young at Hearts

Young at Hearts is a group for retired people. The morning involves a short devotion, a time of entertainment, fellowship and a lovely tea. The meetings take place every 3rd Wednesday morning of the month. A group of dedicated lady volunteers organise these mornings. All retired folk are welcome to attend. If you are not retired but would like to assist with these mornings, please contact Penny Webber 083 556 0944