Amcare is a community outreach programme, caring for the poor, abused women and children and HIV/AIDS affected people, feeding the hungry and supporting orphans and old folk. Amcare is a registered skills upliftment centre. It provides work for 120 people, including social workers and 27 full-time care-givers.

Amcare Website.

Centre of Concern

A small group of ladies get together to pass on their skills, especially with regards to sewing and making their own clothes.

Food Bank

The food bank collects donations of groceries from the congregation. This is sorted on a weekly basis at Amcare and distributed to needy families.

Hannah House

With the help of donations of toiletries, we make up a basic pack for women and children who are taken into this victim empowerment shelter. Items of clothing, toys, books, etc. are also gratefully accepted.


Trackathon is a mission ministry which is active in many Churches throughout South Africa. Trackathon Alberton was started in 2005 and our aim is to raise money to buy tracksuiting and make as many children’s tracksuits as possible by the end of April, which are distributed amongst the destitute children in the Alberton townships. The only qualification you need is a love for God, His children and a sewing machine.