Pastoral Care

We are here to help you in the times you need it most.
For more info on the below, please contact Simone on 011 907 2807 or

Prayer Requests

If you are in need of prayer for any need, we have a team who will pray for you.

Hospital Visits

We have a team who will come visit & pray for you if you are in the Clinton or Union Hospital.

Please let us know if you would like a visit.

All members are also welcome to join the Visiting Team to visit those who are sick.

Due to Covid restrictions, hospital visits are intermittent at the moment

Home Visits

We visit our members who are housebound and unable to leave their homes.

If you are in need of a visit, communion or just a cup of tea & a chat, please let us know.

All members are also welcome to join the Visiting Team to visit our folk in their homes.

Food Pantry

We assist our members and those in our community with food parcels where we can.

All non-perishable food items are most welcome and can be dropped off at the Church Office during the week.

Soup Kitchen

Every Monday to Saturday morning

If you would like to donate bread / soup, empty margarine containers / plastic cups / plastic bowls or you would like to join the team who go out, please contact us on 011-907-2807

Let’s Feed Jesus

Fridays at 5:30pm

Join us as we feed one of the communities in our area that is in need.

All donations of hotdogs or offers to drop-off on a Friday are appreciated.